Architecture & functionality  


The G21 is one of the first commercial Class A facilities which has been erected in Krakow since 1990. The attention of architectural experts is drawn not only by the SARP award, but above all by the excellent proportions, monumentality and the contemporary design referring to the tradition of Polish modernism.  

The building features durable materials, with two types of the exterior façade. The front elevation is covered by a glass façade supported by a metal structure, while the remaining walls of the building are covered with granite and sandstone. The G21 has a skeleton construction with a column grid of 6x7.7 m and 6x6.6 m. The building has one underground and four overground storeys, which comprise: the ground, first, second and third floor, with a total area of 3455.07 m2.  

There are two lifts and two separate staircases in the facility. At the back of the building, there is a car park for 55 cars and 30 parking spaces for bicycles.  

The functional layout of the building is mixed. On the ground floor, there is an entrance hall, a representative service room, offices and social rooms. The first, second and third floorshave an office-style space where some of the rooms are arranged in a corridor layout and others form an open space. The basement houses a vault, archive, technical rooms and garages.  

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