Ground floor

RENTAL AREA: 469,02 m2

G21 Office Centre

Rental area, the ground floor: 469.02 m2

Description of the Premises:

Retail and service space with direct pedestrian access.
Premises located on the ground floor of the building, divided into two rooms by a glass wall. The room is provided with a cool store, sanitary installation and a large restaurant kitchen. It is possible to adapt the layout.  

Start of rental:

to be agreed

Rental period:

to be agreed

Rental purpose:

to be used as a retail or service premises by the tenant

Handover conditions:

fulfilment of the guarantee deposit conditions, handover report


rate: PLN 95.00/m2/month + VAT

Service charge:

PLN 15.00/m2/month + VAT

The service charge covers the costs of:  

  • 24/7 security for the facility and information at the reception desk,
  • keeping the common areas inside the building clean and the area around the facility tidy,
  • provision of the public areas, including sanitary facilities, with hygienic cleaning supplies,
  • conservation, inspection, maintenance and repair of the common areas,
  • keeping the property’s greenery in good condition,
  • servicing passenger lifts,
  • maintenance of the fibre optic control room including the installation inside the building,
  • maintenance, inspection and repair of various systems (e.g. water and sewage system, central heating system, hot domestic water system, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, electrical systems, telecommunication systems, etc.) and keeping them operational,
  • maintenance and inspections of the fire alarm, voice evacuation and emergency lighting systems,
  • extension and maintenance of the monitoring and access control system,
  • maintenance of the facility’s Management Board and the technical inspection staff, 
  • maintenance of lighting points in the public areas.  

Operating costs:

  • cleaning of rental premises,
  • tenant’s visual signage on the building’s façade,
  • cost of electricity,
  • maintenance fee for teletechnical equipment - 10% of electricity reinvoicing,
  • cost of water supply, sewage and waste disposal,
  • cost of thermal energy, air-conditioning and ventilation.  

Parking places:

parking spaces within the premises  PLN 250.00 + VAT per month / number of places to be agreed.

Paid car park:

public parking spaces in front of the building and in the G21 car park for PLN 5 gross per hour             

Standard room finish:  

The standard room finish includes a functional layout:

  • all walls made in compliance with the applicable sound absorption and fire resistance standards,
  • internal doors in the partitions in the aluminium joinery colour,
  • bathroom: paper towel holder, soap dispenser, toilet paper hanger, mirror
  • kitchen: kitchen furniture (standing and hanging), fibreboard top covered with artificial veneer, trim strips, two-compartment sink, paper towel holder, soap dispenser, toilet paper hanger, waste bin, tables and chairs 
  • air-conditioning
  • mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation,
  • concrete-coloured ceiling in a raw state with light fixtures,
  • suspended ceiling-mounted light fixtures in toilets,
  • evacuation emergency lighting required by Polish regulations,
  • facility adapted for disabled people  

Technical infrastructure systems made available to the tenant               

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning regulation, adjustment and control system,
  • Anti-burglary systems:   -    access control system;   -    CCTV system;   -    intrusion alarm;
  • Fibre-optic infrastructure with the transmission part (transmission channels from 16 Mbs or more) in the building (server room in the basement), Fire hazard detection and elimination systems,
  • electricity and heat consumption meters for the entire floor.  

Rental security:

Deposit or Bank Guarantee in the amount of:
Three monthly rents + three monthly Service Charges  

View of the rental area - current layout of rooms
ground floor
Rental area – 469.02 m2

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